1 The hollow fiber membrane preparation and separation process:
Establishing relationship between material structure and property;
Preparation of special hollow fiber membrane and high performance composite membrane, and studies on their separation process;
Design of catalytic membrane, separation membrane and membrane reactor;
new membrane process and integrated technology;
Studies on hollow fiber membrane material preparation, film forming mechanism, permeation mechanism, and design of membrane assembly.


2 Artificial fibers:
Functional polymer synthesis and modification, characterizing material structure and property, studying chemical fiber forming principle and technology;
Phase change material preparation, nano capsule and luminescent material application in fibers;
High performance fiber and filter material preparation, designing special fiber process technology and superfine fiber forming method;
Analysis of fiber material micro defect evolution and fiber material structure change;
Manufacturing technology of biomedical materials, viscose fibers and new polyester fiber materials.


3 Intelligent polymer materials:
Intelligent polymer material synthesis and preparation;
Application of intelligent polymer materials in the fields of biology, medicine and environment;
Intelligent response and its specific properties.


4 advanced carbon materials:
Carbon fiber preparation and other inorganic fiber material design;
Preparation of high performance carbon, graphite and functional composite materials;
graphene, carbon nanotube and fullerene preparation and their application.


5 Designing nanostructured and energy materials:
Designed chemical process for controllable fabricating nanostructured materials for biomedical, energy conversion and storage, catalytic, and environmental applications;
Applying microfluidic technology in biological detection and material preparation;
Developing low dimensional nanomaterials and related devices for electrical applications;
Microstructure modulation, device assembly and property assessment of porous materials and electrochemical energy storage materials;
Computational modeling and simulating mechanical behaviors of nanomaterials.


6 Crystal and ceramic materials:
Crystal growth and solidification technology;
Preparation of optoelectronic materials and devices;
Study on convection, heat, and mass transfer in advanced technical ceramics and materials forming process.

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