Chinese Language – Bachelor degree

We provide one-on-one attention for foreign students,Courses are more targeted. One aspect is to foster students’ practical language ability and the other one is to guide students to reach a higher Chinese level by tutorial courses related with HSK and HKC.

We exploit the advantages of disciplines by combining with distinguishing features of subjects in TJPU. Except for some basic Chinese language courses, we also provide some professional Chinese courses, like economic trade Chinese course, scientific Chinese course and so forth.

We provide foreign students with some opportunities to practice in friendly colleges and enterprises while studying in TJPU, Chinese culture is implanted into courses system. We organize many rich social and practical activities for foreign students in order to get them closer to Chinese culture while learning language.


Main courses:  

Elementary Chinese Comprehensive
Elementary Chinese Speaking
Chinese Characters
Intermediate Chinese Comprehensive
Intermediate Chinese Listening and Speaking  
Intermediate Newspaper Reading
Modern Chinese Writing
HSK Guidance

Advanced Chinese Comprehensive
Advanced Chinese Speaking
Advanced Newspaper Reading
Learning Chinese in Practice
Chinese Profile
Guide on Writing Research Paper, Chinese computer basic
Physical exercise
Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature
culture comparison between China and foreign countries
Chinese social and customs


Other information you may need to know:

Student categories

Program types

Duration in TJPU

Students towards degrees programs

Four-year undergraduate program

Four years

“2+2” program

two years

“3+2” program

Two years

Students for credits or training programs

“3+1” program

One year

Short time training courses

One or two semesters

Winter camp or summer camp

Three or four weeks


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