Dear visitors and  students,


Welcome to our School of  International Education!


This school was established in  the year of 2007 for the purpose of educating international Chinese language  talents. Through years of development, it has been developed into a school with  notable characteristics such as the Chinese language courses specially designed  only for foreign students, self-developed and built labs and facilities  including audio-visual classroom, Chinese character spreading art, spoken  Chinese self-learning center, mini-library for Chinese language studies, a  coffee bar for international students to hold activities or experience Chinese  foods and drinking, international students’ sports center, and so on.


For the bachelor degree  program of Chinese language, it lays a great emphasis on improving students’  applying ability, especially spoken. In addition, the School of International  Education also welcome international students to take Chinese training courses  in terms of different lengths of studying periods such as one year, one term or  a few weeks. It also provides different modules taught in English in the fields  of business management, international trade, textiles, fashion design,  wastewater treatment and so on.


The school encourages  multi-cultural communications and exchanges and continuously pursue the goals of  educating students with international horizon, good-manner, solid oriental  culture background and thinking of international communication and  cooperation.


Welcome to Tianjin Polytechnic  University, and welcome to the School of International Education! You will  surely find it a place worth going, where to study Chinese best and to  experience the influential and rich oriental cultures with long  history.


With my best  wishes,


Prof. Dr.  Chunhong   Wang


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