Undergraduate Programs  


Automation - Bachelor degree  


Aiming to train industrial automation engineer and research professional, automation department is cored of control theory with the background of computer application and electronic information technology, which is featured by the combination of weak and strong power electrical, theory and practice. In teaching aspect, all kinds of engineer practical training is performed through the platform of embedded technique application, and the school enterprise cooperation is carried out with the industry background of textile, petrochemical and electric power industry etc. Becoming TianJin first brand specialty building site, automation department is actively preparing for entering the national and Tianjin excellence engineer training plan, a try class is founded in 2011 by the teaching manner of excellence engineer training plan to foster high quality engineer technique personnel with the strong ability of innovation and practice meeting the needs of economical and social development.

Period of study: Four years

Degree to be awarded: Bachelor of Engineering

Main courses: circuit theory, basic electronic technology, information processing, microcomputer principle and application, motor and drive bases, automation control theory, detection technology, process detection and instrumentation, computer internet, process control, system engineering introduction and artificial intelligent etc.


Electrical Engineering and Automation - Bachelor degree


Our Department has a long history of close association with the Tian Jin industry, through our high-level consulting services and research. We put strong emphasis on the sound understanding of fundamental theories and concepts and their practical applications, as well as the necessary skills for becoming a competent and professional engineer.

As a student, you will be more motivated and excited as you will find out the applications of what you have learnt through practical examples, case studies and projects. You will also enjoy excellent practical training at the University Industrial Centre and plenty opportunities of industrial attachments both locally and overseas. Because of our persistence on combining theories with applications in teaching, our graduates are always regarded as amongst the best and hence most sought after by the employers. The creative and open-minded thinking and problem-solving skills of our graduates are the essential attributes of the professional engineers in the 21st century.

Period of study: Four years

Degree to be awarded: Bachelor of Engineering

Main courses:engineering programming, circuit and systems, electronics, motor and drive bases, power electronic and drives, control theory, power engineering, microcontroller architecture and applications, Power System Protection and Control and power system analysis etc.

Illuminant and Lighting
Illuminant and lighting profession is characteristic specialized subject that is the first domestic to cultivate talents in the field of semiconductor lighting technology. In 2010 it was designated by TianJin Municipal Education Commission as the band profession. The specialties of semiconductor light source direction and engineering application, in the semiconductor lighting materials and chip technology and the relevant technology of the LED lighting system development, testing and engineering application for professional characteristics.
In the light of semiconductor lighting engineering research center of TianJinPolytechnicUniversity, the profession establish Tianjin solid state lighting alliance. At present it was designated by the Chinese Ministry of Education as Engineering research Center of high power Solid State Lighting Application System and Tianjin high power solid state lighting technology center. For boosting the ability of professional experiment, project design, and enhance students competitive, our profession united HIYU-LED company and other tens of companies, found external practice base station.

Period of study: four years

Degree to be awarded: Bachelor of Engineering

Main courses: Solid-State Lighting Practice, SemiconductorPhysics, Basic of Semiconductor Device, Communication System, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded System, Electrical Lighting Technology, Principle Of Integrated Circuit Technology, Optical Design of Lighting System, IntelligentLighting etc.


Graduate programs - Master degree


We provide advanced study opportunities for electrical engineers who are working in power utilities, electricity utilization industries, electrical product manufacturing industries, government organizations and contracting and consulting companies. We will develop your in-depth knowledge of state of the art advances in modern electrical science and technology such as power systems, the industrial utilization of electrical energy, power electronics, railway systems and drives control, automation and optoelectronics.

Period of study: 2.5 years

Degree to be awarded:Master of Engineering

Main courses:engineering electromagnetic field, motor control, computer control systems, pattern recognition, system identification, system engineering foundation, linear system, new type sensor principles, intelligent control foundation, adaptive control theory and applications.

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