Environmental engineering - Bachelor/Master degree


Relying on the advantage of membrane materials and membrane treatment technology in our school, the department of environmental engineering was established in 2001. And it obtained the right to grant first-level discipline master degree in 2003 and excellent result of subject construction assessment of Tianjin education committee in 2005. Then it was judged with the excellent professional laboratory in 2006 and rated as the key discipline in 2011 in Tianjin. At present, this subject, including membrane material, water pollution control technology & integration of equipment and environment management, and even some other research fields, has made a positive contribution to the practical talents cultivation of the environmental science and technology research.The department of environmental engineering has about 400 undergraduates and 120 postgraduates now. This specialty aims to train high-level professionals with theoretical basis and application technology. The object of professional personnel cultivation is to obtain “environmental engineering applied undergraduate talents with membrane technology characteristics.


Environmental engineering specialty is to cultivate senior technical personnel with necessary professional knowledge such as the pollution prevention of water body, air and solid waste in city and town, drainage engineering, water resources protection, membrane science and technology, etc, so that they could have good hands-on and practical abilities, and even can undertake engineering design, research, program management and education and so on. Professional courses in the main are: physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, engineering mechanics, computer basis, engineering fluid mechanics, environmental microbiology, environmental monitoring, water pollution control engineering, air pollution control engineering, solid waste treatment and disposal, membrane science and technology, environmental engineering principle, etc. The graduates’ employment direction is mainly engaged in the development of science and technology, engineering and technology management for the departments such as government agencies, municipal engineering, scientific research units, institutions of higher learning, large and medium-sized enterprises, sewage treatment plants and so on. After four years of professional education, students may obtain the technology bachelor's degree.


Chemical Engineering - Bachelor/Master degree


Department of Chemical Engineering at Tianjin Polytechnic University (TJPU) was founded in 1997. There are currently 4 professors, 8 associate professors and 5 lecturers to constitute the academic staff. The Department provides two curricula systems, i.e. Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Energy Chemical Engineering for more than 400 undergraduate students.The Department also offers two master’s degree options, i.e. Master’s degree of Science and Master’s degree of Engineering. The degrees are designed to meet the needs of industry and prepare students for a rewarding career in chemical engineering.


Chemical Engineering at TJPU has a well-earned reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and research. The research work in the Department focuses on sustainable technology and covers four main areas: Membrane Separation Processes, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Materials and Technologies of New Energy Sources, Environmental Chemical Engineering


Applied Chemistry - Bachelor/Master degree


Department of Applied chemistry is originally developed from the textile auxiliaries lab and the principle of chemical engineering lab of the former Tianjin Institute of Textile Science and Technology. There are 18 faculty members in the department, among them are 5 full-time professors, 2 doctoral supervisors, and 10 associate professors. Over 80% of the faculty members hold doctoral degrees and over 40% of the members own oversea research experience. At present, the department has 1first-grade discipline for conferring master’s degrees and 1 bachelor’s specialty, namely Applied Chemistry, amounting to over 60 postgraduates and about 400 undergraduates.


Pharmacy Engineering - Bachelor degree


Pharmaceutical Engineering is a branch of chemical engineering focused on the design, operation and optimization of processes in pharmaceutical industries. Heavily regulated industry and life-saving characteristics of products call for a unique quality of education. Students will learn basic science, process engineering and technology, GMP aspects, safety and industrial management. It demands the students to master the fundamental theories and skills of research and development of Chinese Patent Medicine, modern pharmaceutics, Chinese pharmaceutics and preparation, quality standard of Chinese medicine and the preparation, pharmaceutical engineering and equipment. Graduates can undertake the new product development, workshop production design and technical innovation, production management and quality control, etc.


Major Courses for Specialty: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Drug synthesis reaction, Chemical Analysis, Pharmacology, Equipment Analysis, Chemistry Theory, Mechanic Cartography, Medical Chemistry, Fundamental Pharmaceutical Engineering, etc.


Department of Chemistry


The department of chemistry is composed by inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry four course groups. Among them, organic chemistry and physical chemistry courses are quality course of Tianjin, and inorganic chemistry course is quality course of Tianjin Polytechnic University.


The department of chemistry has now 28 faculty and staffs, including 6 professors, 8 associate professors. 20 staffs have obtained the doctor's degree. Professor Guo Ming-lin, the present dean of the department of chemistry, is the outstanding teacher of Tianjin. Professor Wang Bing is the outstanding teacher of Tianjin Polytechnic University. The chemical experiment center is now one of the experiments teaching demonstration center of Tianjin.


The staffs of the department of chemistry carried out a wide range of scientific research, focusing on green chemistry, environmental analysis, synthesis of environmental catalytic materials, membrane separation, and fine chemistry ets. 8 projects have been funded by National Natural Science Foundation. 10 projects have been funded by Science and Technology Committee and Education Committee in Tianjin. More than 20 projects have been funded by companies such as Sinopec.

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