Membrane technology for water treatment - Professor Hongyuan Zhang

City water, wastewater, seawater treatment, purification and comprehensive applications based on membrane science and engineering

Environmental chemistry and biology - Professor Wenhua Song

Environmental detection, medicine, and Hygien, fire protection and prevention engineering, Industrial safety engineering and technology, safety evaluation.

Functional material, separation engineering and sensing technology - Professor Junfu Wei

Polymeric separation materials based on absorptive fiber, hollow fiber membrane and their applications in environmental field, modern separation technology for chemical engineering, detection and sensing materials and technology.

Green energy and clean production technology - Professor Xiaoyao Tan

Inorganic hollow fiber and membrane, solid oxide fuel cell, direct alcohol fuel cell, process intensification and clean production.

Textile chemicals’ design, synthesis and application - Professor Guo Zheng

Structure study of molecule, surface, Aggregation for textiles from all levels of micro, mecro, and macro scale.

Environmental catalysis and clean energy technology - Professor Jianzhou Gui

Carbon dioxide capture and its applications, clean energy production, waste gas treatment and recovery technology.

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