Dear Visitors,


On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff at Tianjin Polytechnic University (TJPU), I’d like to warmly welcome professors, teachers, experts, students and friends to study, work, research, pursue collaborations or visit us.


TJPU is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive university located in the famous municipal city of Tianjin, which is only 30 minutes train from Beijing. The university is not only very strong in the fields of engineering subjects such as textiles, clothing, polymer materials, electronics, information, mechanics, electrics, environmental, chemical, etc., but also bears distinct characteristics in management, economics, law, the social sciences, art and fashion, science and foreign studies. We can confer bachelor, master and doctor degrees in many fields.


The university encourages students to explore new ideas, pursue new knowledge and make innovations, and also lays a great emphasis on improving students’ practical ability and employment competitiveness, which accounts for more than 1700 international students per year drawn from over 50 countries in addition to around 30 thousand Chinese students. An international education environment with astonishing diversity has formed and we have received wide international recognition.


As for the science research work, TJPU is featured in many fields including textile composites, hollow fiber membrane technology, LED illuminating technology, functional fiber material, wireless energy transmission, spinning auxiliaries, nonwovens, etc., most of which have already been industrialized. We are very distinctive in the “Combination of Education, Research and Industry”.


TJPU’s mission is to cultivate qualified and well-educated people to influence and service the economy society not only of Tianjin, but for the entire nation of China and the wide global community.


The door of TJPU is always open for those who have beautiful dreams and want them to come true.


With warmest regards,

XIA Changliang

Tianjin Polytechnic University





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